You can enjoy massages on request in your cozy chalet or outside on the sun terrace.

25 minutes: Euro 36,00
50 minutes: Euro 61,00

Full Body Massage (50 min.)

A classic full body massage stimulates deep relaxation, promotes blood circulation and lets you forget the stress of everyday life for a moment.
Skilful massage strokes are specially tailored to the uniqueness of each individual, thereby increasing your well-being, promoting blood circulation and stimulating the metabolism.

Partial massage (25 min.)

During a partial massage, we dedicate ourselves to a special part of the body and work on it specifically with various massage techniques.

Manual lymph stimulating massage (50 min.)

During this special massage technique according to "Vodder", the entire lymphatic system is cleansed of toxins, excess water is removed and your immune system is strengthened at the same time.

Massage with arnica oil (50 min.)

Arnica is a very popular medicinal plant which is also native to our country.
Arnica oil helps to relax muscles after sports activities and has a positive effect on strains, bruises, sprains and sore muscles.

Sports Massage (50 min.)

A sports massage is primarily about loosening stressed muscle parts through massage techniques and loosening agglutinated fasciae through slow massage strokes. Especially suitable after sports activities with a sauna session in advance.

Back-Neck Intensive (50 min.)

This massage technique mainly loosens the tense muscles of the back.
In doing so, we release tension in the neck and shoulder area and prevent back pain. Especially suitable for people who have a frequent sitting posture.

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