Welcome at Prati di Croda Rossa


Bathrobes are available at the price of 5,00 Euro.

Bread service - selection

Local frozen bread to bake, please order until 8 pm and we deliver in the next day until 12 am:
Semmel - Euro 0,50 (5 minutes at 230 degrees)
Hüttenweckerl - Euro 0,80 (5 minutes at 230 degrees)
Eisacktaler bread - Euro 0,50 (5 minutes at 230 degrees)
Brezel - Euro 0,80 (15 minutes at 180 degrees)
Butter Croissant (without filling) - Euro 0,60 (15 minutes at 180 degrees)
Pizza - Euro 5,00 (11 minutes at 180 degrees)
Roggenlaib - Euro 5,50 (13 minutes at 200 degrees)

Check - OUT

Even the most beautiful holiday comes to an end. The chalet is available until 9.00 am on the day of departure. The final bill can also be paid on the previous day of your departure.

Coffee machine

Our coffee-pad machine requires coffee pads, which you either can bring along or purchase them from our storage cabinet. Switch on, lever upwards, pad in the middle, press lever firmly down until it locks tightly and as soon as the green lamp is lit, press right on the button.

Contact details and emergency

In case of an emergency, please dial the general emergency number 112. In an emergency rescue teams may reach you with a snowmobile or helicopter.
Phone number of a local doctor: +39 0474 710407
Our contact details: Marc - Tel: 0039 347 231 0626 (WhatsApp)


The switch at the entrance is for the electricity for the whole chalet. Please turn off the power when leaving. . If there are any problems with electricity, the fuse box is behind the curtains, next to the kitchen.

Extractor hood - kitchen

When cooking, we kindly ask you to turn on the hood. Just fold down the glass and press in the middle of the round button to activate the hood.

Games and cards

You are welcome to borrow various games from us: Games Collection, Monopoly, Kniffel, Memory, UNO.


The room-temperature regulator is located on the ground floor opposite the stairs and in the bedrooms. Feel free to set the desired temperature between 18 and 26 degrees. We kindly ask you to not open the windows for more than five minutes during wintertime.

Food and precooked meals

In addition to the products in the storage cabinet, you can order groceries and precooked meals and have them delivered to the chalet. please feel free to send us an E-mail or WhatsApp message until 8 pm and we’ll deliver (at about supermarket prices) in the next day.
If the Rotwandwiesenhütte has opened (opening hours…), you can purchase various products there.


Located in the double bedroom under the bench in the dressing room.


To activate the sauna, please keep the top button pressed for three seconds. From that point on the sauna is running for 90 minutes. If you are done prior to 90 minutes, please press the same button briefly to deactivate the sauna.
You can make an infusion with a little water, if essential oils are used, please only dilute with water.

Boot dryer

Next to the entrance to the chalet there is a boot dryer in the barn. Simply put the boots on the brackets and the dryer will be activated automatically twice a day - in the morning and at nighttime.


The entire chalet has underfloor heating. To make your stay more comfortable and to protect the natural wooden floor, we ask you kindly to wear socks or slippers in the chalets. If you have forgotten your slippers, there is the possibility to buy them off the storage cabinet.


Smoking is prohibited in all rooms. An ashtray is located on the lower terrace.

Snowshoes- und sledge rental

We have four pairs of snowshoes, as well as some sledges up for rental. Rental fees are Euro 5,00 per day.

Storage cabinet

Right next to the entrance and to the bathroom is our storage cabinet. There you will find coffee pads, various teas, fine wines, as well as cuddly slippers. Everything that is taken out of the sales closet, will be charged at departure. Hiking and ski maps are available free of charge


If you need fresh towels, feel free to contact us.


We have pre-programmed German and Italian channels for you. Just click on "source" on the control and switch between cable and antenna. Cable = Italian and antenna = German channels.

Ventilation units

In order to have an ideal ventilation, there are white ventilation devices in the double bedroom and living room. These should run permanently at level 1. If you are disturbed by the sound, you are welcome to turn it off only during the night, preferably only in the bedroom.

Waste separation

To protect the environment, we ask you kindly to separate your garbage into different categories. At the bottom exit you will reach the basement, where we provide waste containers for paper and cardboard, glass, cans, plastic and bottles. Under the sink in the kitchen is residual waste and behind it organic waste. We greatly appreciate your effort!

WIFI and mobile phone

The WIFI network is called "Rotwandwiesen" and the password is "crodarossa".
Cell phone reception should work best at the window, which is facing the valley.